Creating Cosy Spaces for Those Dark Days

Creating Cosy Spaces for Those Dark Days

That's right, winter is approaching fast. The days are getting shorter and shorter bringing the need to turn our lamps and lights on earlier.  Having the right lighting plan and creating a sense of cosiness and calming atmosphere is so important for our well being in the winter months.

How to choose lights to create a Cosy feel

In rooms such as the bedroom and living areas there should be a mixture of accent lighting in addition to general task lighting.  Choose lighting and lamps with textures, patterns and unique forms of glass. 

 The Living Room   

The living room is our haven in the home, our place to relax.  In these spaces we add cosy furnishings and textures in the form of rugs, throw blankets and cushions. Lighting is an important element in this space.  Lighting can create a sense of warmth.  Use lighting to create a reading corner, light dark corners, highlight artworks or photos, placed on side boards and side tables.   

Lights in the living room offers a sense of depth, calm and security allowing our bodies to fully relax. 

The Bedroom 

Similar concept to the the living room, the lighting in the bedroom offers a calming and feel-good sense to the end of your day.  You want to use a mix of different light sources. Stick with warm white globe colour to mimic candlelight. 

Browse Telbix Expert Selection for Cosy Lighting Choices 

Oneta Wall Lights 

Elegance and charm, describes the Oneta family of lighting fixtures. A marble look sphere houses a precise optical faceted dome to provide a modern luxury exclusive look. .  Black brush, Bronze brush, Gold brush, White brush, and naturally drawn aluminum. 

Ortez Floor Lamps

The ORTEZ Floor Lamp is the classic vintage look, supplying lighting to the smaller surfaces of your home. 

Bally Pendants  

The BALLY pendant is the essence of pure and simple lighting design. The sphere is finely blasted opal glass resembling the surface of fresh snow.