The Perfect Lighting for each Zone within your Kitchen

The Perfect Lighting for each Zone within your Kitchen

The Kitchen - as they say the heart of the home. Choosing the correct lighting for this space is so important, we prepare, cook, dine, chat and lately even work in our kitchen. 

Not only is lighting in the kitchen practical it can add mood, character and intimacy to a space.  Think of the kitchen in zones and design lighting around that.  The zones -  prep zone, cook zone, wash up zone which need to be well lit, then eating or sitting zone a calmer mood needs to be created.    

The Functional Zones  

In the functional zones you want to ensure there are no shadows, so use task lighting and this is best placed in front of where you will be standing or directly above.

Accent Lighting  

Accent lighting is used to highlight features in the kitchen. This may be a piece of artwork, your splash-back, display cupboards or shelving or under bench line.  Use down lights, wall lights, LED strip lights or spotlights.   

Eating Zone

Pendants lights create mood and warmth above your bench near your eating zone, as a rule of thumb a pendant light should be approximately 75-80 cm above your island bench.  

The Globe Choices

For the globes, using cool white LED lights are ideal, they are more eco-friendly and create a natural daylight feel.  Avoid yellow light as this creates shadows, consider creating ambience with a dimmable LED.

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