The Best Lighting Trends for 2023

The Best Lighting Trends for 2023

Lighting styles and consumer trends move quickly, so we've put together the definitive guide for lighting trends heading into 2023. From beautiful modern pendants to eclectic table lamps, our guide will spark your creativity and get those ideas swirling!


We all know they love to make a statement, but in 2023 chandeliers are returning bigger and better than ever! Chandeliers won't be limited to larger areas, they will also appear in smaller spaces which creates a great contrast between modern home textures and traditional chandelier crystals.


Pendants are always a staple, but with a big shift into apartment living and sustainable practices, consumers are looking for lighting solutions that fit in small spaces and still look great. Glass and brass pendants are easy to install and fit most apartment sized island benches. Pendants are style-fluid, fitting into any home with the right texture and materials.


With the weather warming up and 2023 predicted to be one of the hottest years on record, Rattan slides right in with it's Hamption-esque, floating feeling. Made from earthy materials, Rattan encompasses all things light, cool and calm. Lights made with this material work anywhere and give a coastal, natural feel to your space.  


The saying “anything goes” applies to lighting too. Eclectic designs of lighting will play a big part in 2023. Contrasted styles, heights, colours and textures will make an impact in any home.  

Art Deco and Nostalgia

Art Deco is making a huge come back. We will see nostalgic designs re-appearing with a modern twist. It will encompass symmetry and geometric shapes with a materials such as metal, brushed brass and blown glass.

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