Reducing Energy Bills with Lighting Choices

Reducing Energy Bills with Lighting Choices

With the cost of living rising we need to think about ways to reduce our costs.  We need to consider all aspects of our living expenses, including lighting. 

Tips to reduce energy bills in the home:  

  • Invest in energy-saving lights
  • Reduce your wattage
  • Install timers and sensors
  • Use dimmer switches
  • Affix multiple switches
  • Place switches near entry and exit points
  • Keep the windows clean and open the blinds

LED Downlights  

LED downlights are an excellent option for low-cost, long-lasting illumination. Our LED downlights are designed to give out just the right amount of light while using as little power as possible. Our downlights last longer than standard lighting solutions, so you'll also save money on replacement and upkeep. 

LED downlights are an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your lighting system immediately.

Dimmable Globes

A dimmer switch / dimmable globes can save up to 20% on your electric bill because you reduce the energy needed. 

Install Smart Lights

Smart lights such as lights powered by TUYA are operated by a smart home app. The warmth and brightness and full operation is controlled on the app.  You can easily turn off and dim when required to save energy.