Love is in the Luminaire

Love is in the Luminaire

Turn down the lights, open your favourite pack of chocolates, and get comfortable with these moody, romantic lights that will make you feel warm and toasty inside. We LUV these lights and so will you!

Use soft, diffused and dimmable lights to create mood and atmosphere. Turn off main lights and keep lamps or wall lights on. Be sure to use warm white globes as this adds to the warmth feeling and resembles candle light (without the risk of burning the house down!)

Don't neglect outside lighting when setting the mood, lighting in gardens adds to the perfect romantic atmosphere. There is nothing better than sitting back with a drink 🍷 and admiring the elegant glow in your garden. Spicy!

Use dimmable globes, including dimmable LED globes, in lights to add colour or shade into your space and set the moooood! 😉

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