Dining Room Lighting Hacks

Dining Room Lighting Hacks

There is much more to dining room lighting than pendant lights.  Pendant lights are important and the focal point of the dining room. Dining tables deserve their own stand out pendant light!

In addition to the pendant think of other types of lighting that add a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. 

Consider a floor lamp next to the buffet, lighting up a plant on the side table, wall lights next to the buffet or spot lights lighting up artwork. 

 Our Dining Room Lighting Recommendations

Polk Pendant 

The Polk is our most popular pendant light.  Take full advantage of the simple low glare (ideal for dining) and curved shape of the Polk Pendants.  Constructed of spun aluminum and hand-painted in the Black brush, Bronze brush, Gold brush, White brush, and naturally drawn aluminum.

Kendall Family

The Kendall collection is stylish and modern pendant and the simplicity of the design makes it an ideal feature over a dining table. The Kendall collection comes in 3 sizes and is available in black and chrome. 

Viken Family

The Viken table lamp is unique and elegant making it the perfect lighting choice for a side board or buffet. It features a mouth-blown sphere with a ribbed concentric surface, adding a touch of texture and dimension to the design. The shallow base is finished in antique gold, giving the lamp a vintage and luxurious feel. The opal matt sphere provides a warm, diffused light, making it perfect for creating atmosphere. 

Eterna Family

Eterna is a two-level glass table lamp, that creates a bold offset and a very contemporary feel. The Eterna will show true style when added to any luxury dining space. Available as table and floor lamp or wall brackets.

Nala Table Lamp

Nala, is a statement piece, a conversation starter for the side board. The tall and elegant Nala table lamp will become the focal point of the dining room. This spectacular feline sits proud and elegant. The body of the Nala is finished in either black or silver.  

Garot Wall Lamps 

The Garot wall lamp is handcrafted in the style of late Art Deco. The mouth-blown glass is available in clear or a soft opal matt. This graceful wall lamp is capable of blending with both classic and modern contexts. 

kendallEterna Table LampViken Table Lamp