A Telbix Collaboration with 2015 Block Winners

A Telbix Collaboration with 2015 Block Winners

Known for their stunning victory on The Block Season 11, Shay and Dean transformed a penthouse apartment into a masterpiece and walked away with an impressive $755,000. They have proven their creative prowess, and Teblix could not resist supporting them with their new project: renovating/building their dream home in country NSW. Their decision for a tree change came about when they found the property that gave them so much of what they were looking for, “The view out of the kitchen window is the perfect example of this; an everyday reminder of why we moved here” Shay commented.

Telbix allowed Shay and Dean full control over their choices, as it is their home, their vision, and their design and wow, Telbix is amazed at the results. Outstanding choices paired with unique styling and design really showcase the Telbix collection. Shay and Dean wanted their home to feel warm and even a little moody, they didn’t want just white walls and wanted to add colour, and personality with a hint of luxury. They are describing their style as Australian with a hint of mid-century Scandinavian.

It is clear by the design, colour choice and styling in the dining area that Shay wanted to create a warm and inviting environment for her friends and family to enjoy and share a meal. The bell-shaped Frya pendant in a chocolate brown, hand-woven rattan material complements this space perfectly. This pendant creates warmth and layers in the shadow lines it creates, giving a moody edge to what would be otherwise a bland space if they had opted only for downlights.

The heart of the home - the kitchen - and isn’t Shay and Dean’s something else! It is stunning, unique, stylish, with amazing views, and with 3 kids, functional. The pendant light - the Navaro - is a new edition to the Telbix collection. It is a linear aluminium suspension with an integrated LED light. What makes the Navaro even more special and practical is it is controlled by TUYA smart home app, allowing them to control the warmth and brightness of the light. “The great thing about this pendant is the control we have over the settings. We can increase the brightness for preparing food or for events but have the option to dim the lighting and add warmth for later in the evenings” Shay commented.   

Creative flare and style have really shown through in the choice of lighting in the hallway. Shay has chosen two Kade pendant lights and hung them offset to create a feature light in this space. Each time you design a space in your home it’s great to think about how lighting can create an element of design flare. Shay mentioned the space in the hallway always needed a pendant but one large pendant was too much

The layer of these smaller pendants meant that it eventuated the height of the ceiling while also highlighting the artwork. The Kade collection is simple yet overstated in design; it features stunning antique gold, frosted mouth-blown spheres supported by a black wire.  

In the living room, which has stunning views overlooking the countryside, the Eterna floor lamp adds to the contemporary feel of the space and we can’t look at this space without mentioning that rug - absolutely stunning.

For wall sconces, Shay and Dean have used the Eterna collection, which features a twin or single glass sphere and either a clear or frosted glass; the brushed gold adds a touch of luxury. Shay has chosen to use feature single scones in the bathroom, entry and kitchen. Shay shares the reasoning behind her choices “Most people use sconces in pairs, we love that you have used them individually. Lighting for us needs to add elements of calm to the space so we opted for frosted glass in the sunken lounge for the evenings. 

I always wanted a single wall sconce in the kitchen to add a layer of sophistication while also being a practical light that creates an ambience once the kids are in bed and we simply want to make a cup of tea after dinner. The use of these lights means we don’t have to light up the house with downlights in the evenings” 

In the master bedroom which is a calming space, the Placin table lamp has been used on the bedside tables. The fabric drum shade adds a classic touch and diffuses the light in the room to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Placin collection not only adds style to spaces, but its adjustable height makes it a functional lamp ideal for bedrooms, offices or living rooms.  

Shay and Dean’s final words on Telbix products “We have loved using the Telbix products to lift the level of luxury in our home. The range of brass products was always a big drawcard for us and we love the way the Telbix products are lighting our home”